Core Values


To create a nurturing and inclusive space, explore social, environmental, and economic sustainability, and build and empower a community to achieve positive outcomes.


To house, empower, and guide marginalized youth, single and expectant mothers, and seniors towards self-sufficient living. Drawing on knowledge from the past and adapting modern technology to affect individual and community prosperity into the future.

Fusion Living

( our Social Purpose)


Creating a space where science, technology, and engineering when infused with artistic vision and social purpose, and imagination and play, can innovate meaningful change in our communities.


Meeting the needs of the individual, family, and household by establishing the building blocks of a strong and healthy community, affirming...

  • Basic needs (affordable housing, food, and clothes, and income stability), and...

  • Quality of life (community support and collective living)


Creating affordable and self-sufficient solutions and builds, where individual and collective actions support one another, and the community and ecosystem by balancing environmental, social, and economic needs of those in need in our communities.

Join us in building a better future!