The Location


The House

The house is a 5-level (2 storey) back-split, built in 1981. It's a fixer upper with good potential

Interior View

(Incomplete & not all photos are representative of current "Work-In-Progress" condition)


Family Room

This room is to be converted into a large kitchen/Dining Area.  It's current status is similar to this but slightly different and with boxed appliances stored here.



This is to be convert & merge into a Living Area.  The kitchen is a bit more cluttered at present.


Bedroom 3

This room needs to be merged into part of the hallway and closet to create 3 micro-rooms.  The current setup is different and temporary.


Living/Dining Room

This needs to be merged with the current kitchen to create a large living area

Front Entrance

This is pre-move in.  It's more cluttered now which needs to be addressed