Invest in a Sustainable YOU...

What if YOU can have a sustainable lifestyle? We're not talking about the tiresome endeavor to achieve riches, we mean realizing a quality of life you can share with others.

  • Affordable housing & stability

  • Renewable energy & sustainable food source

  • Community living & social enrichment

  • Supportable lifestyle

  • Peace of mind & soul

We're searching for good people willing to stand up for those in need, to push the boundaries of what is socially expected, and fight against the exploitation of people for profit. Leaders, followers, supporters, and innovators with the passion to reimagine the future. Our goal is to build a cooperative relationship with volunteers to one day plan and build sustainable community support within their own or surrounding neighbourhood to live in oversee the program.

We intend to create a system of sustainable community support...

Housing: Using shipping containers as a base, we will rebuild our communities to include sustainable spaces for homeless youth, adults and seniors, pregnant and single mothers, and local and international students. Ensuring due consideration of persons with physical and intellectual disabilities. Sustainability: Redefining living spaces for maximum use and building DIY technology to eliminate dependency on commercial resources for Energy & Food. Quality of Life: Reshaping the standard of living of all persons with an upscale perspective, and day-to-day wholeness in overall health and well-being. Community Support: Everyone needs a little help from time to time and working together, we will strengthen community ties, and ensure the prosperity and quality of life of all persons. Social Governance: How can we build community strength and prosperity when people are at risk and battle to stay afloat month to month? We encourage you to be more than a volunteer, become an investor in your future and that of your loved ones as well! Invest in...

  • Community power and leave behind utility bills

  • Healthy and sustainable food and leave behind contaminants causing sickness and addiction

  • Social equality and leave behind poverty and homelessness

  • People and leave behind political and government exploitation, and corporate profiteering

  • Nature and leave behind environmental destruction (pollution; mass consumption; resource depletion), all in the name of economic growth and progress.

We're not asking on behalf of the few, the privileged or the corporate machine. We're asking for the women, children, and men who are living in poverty or homeless. We're pleading on behalf of single parents, families, and seniors in your very own communities struggling to afford rent or mortgage payments, endless bills and taxes, and healthy food for them and their family.

If we don't stand up together for those in need, for ourselves and our communities, who will?

Would you be willing to invest your time, skills, and resources to help create a stronger and better future...?

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