Social Snip: Be Apart of Change

Change can be as delicate as the wings of a butterfly. When it's realized for the common good, from humanity to nature's delicate balance, it can be just as beautiful and inspiring!

Poverty and suffering ends when communities come together for the future of all life within.

  • Homelessness and hunger affect thousands of marginalized women, children, and men

  • Unemployment impacts adults and youth regardless of experience or higher education

  • Pollution fills our lungs, chemicals saturate our food, and waste contaminates our water

  • Our environment, its resources, and the delicate ecosystem we need to survive are being consumed at an unprecedented rate

More often than not, disaster has to strike before we come together for a common goal. Why wait for our economy to collapse, or the planet to strike back with global repercussions? People shouldn't have to die for us to clear our heads of the economic propaganda that has enslaved our society - we may not see the chains, but we're all burdened by the weight of them.

When you think about it, our self imposed enslavement is beyond ridiculous. The people who struggle day-to-day make up about 7 billion of the world's population, yet it's the weak, the ones hiding behind their delusions of power, wealth, and fame who control our fate and withheld sustainable solutions for generations.

Isn't it time that we open our eyes, clear your mind of the lies we're fed, and take back control of our future? People are suffering needlessly so the weaker few can profit as they shape our economy.

Phase Out Poverty is about defying popular convention and refusing to accept life as it is. Its vision is to build solutions necessary to impact sustainable change. We will shift our perspective, broaden our focus, and evolve to deal with issues as a whole, bringing about social equality, opportunity, and integrity.

It's crucial that we break the chains of oppression that are tightly woven into our civilization.

We want to build community support in a way that doesn't exist so everyday people can enjoy an upscale quality of life and achieve peace of mind that comes from freedom of choice in all things.

This is the tangible reality we want to bring to our communities, not the illusion we've been conditioned to accept. It's time that we take action to build the world we want to live in and breakdown the system industry leaders would have us maintain to their benefit!

#Homeless #hunger #unemployment #pollution #environment #ecosystem #consumption

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