Community Self-Sufficiency: Introduction

A growing number of people are being drawn toward a greener, more genuine, and more socially and environmentally aware lifestyle. We want to know where our food is coming from, touching the dirt it sprouts from, knowing the origin of its seed (organic vs. GMO) and understanding the nutrients derived from the soil it grows in - free of chemicals and pollutants. We want our children and youth to understand that eggs com from chickens, healthy, strong and well cared for - not simply from cartons in a supermarket after a life of abuse and torture.

The high cost of living is creating a longing for self-sufficiency and a return to community roots. Where building things with our own hands, of growing and picking our own vegetables, and of making fresh bread and homemade butter, bringing us closer to an authentic and affordable living.

“Community Self-Sufficiency” is a reinvention of “The good life” most of us are searching for. Co-operative over individual self-reliance is the goal as for most people, complete independence would be isolating and wouldn’t enhance their quality of life. Community living and support brings us back to a time when people knew their lives would be made easier and more fulfilling working together whenever possible.

Establishing like-minded relationships for a modern day co-operative and back-to-basics community will be an essential step forward in achieving a sustainable lifestyle - sharing ideas, tools, and experiences with those on similar paths. We can grow and raise (at least a significant amount of) what we consume, we can innovate DIY solutions to common challenges, reduce waste by limiting consumer purchases, and conserve resources by implementing a sharing economy and library.

People, community, and experiential learning are great sources when it comes to trade skills and cooperative and sustainable living - like growing your own food, raising farm animals, off-grid solutions, and more. As we look toward the future, we hope to inform, education and share ideas on Community Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability.

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