Volunteer Recruitment

How you can help?

Community Participation

We live in an age of infinite possibilities for positive social change, and while many can appreciate the hardship of current economic times, it's important that we rise to the occasion and take action to build a better tomorrow than what we have today. We are looking for like-minded and like-hearted people willing to give their time and energy towards creating a support system and help strengthen community ties — help breakdown the wheels of self-interest and the cycle of inequality and economic oppression. Are you good at research? Are you outgoing, confident, and proficient in communication? Do you have a talent for strategy and organization? Do you have the passion, will, and constitution to take action and get things done?

  • Help find, connect, and negotiate with potential partners and sponsors, and suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Help engage the community (directly and online), encouraging them to get involved, volunteer, and support our programs and its projects.
  • Help organize and build this housing and support initiative.
  • Get your hands dirty - Lift, dig, clean, build. Do whatever is needed to push community self-sufficiency and sustainability forward!
History has proven time and time again, people, community, and the environment all lose when we give away our power to make change. Please Get Involved Together, we'll establish a self-sufficient support system of the people, by the people, and for the people, and take back our communities, and make them our own. Get in touch today!

Organisation & Leadership

Are you outgoing, organized, focused, and efficient? Do you enjoy engaging and connecting with people? Your help will involve any number of things, such as...

  • Planning & organizing fundamental EcoHome design, structure and programming
  • Calling for product information/negotiating pricing (manufacturers/distributors)
  • Project/build research (University professors; industry professionals)
  • Marketing/social media (blogs, forums, discussions, articles, etc.)
  • Facilitating group meetups (discussing, planning & organizing projects)
  • Engaging potential sponsors (project support, fundraising, tool drive, etc.)
  • ​Securing partners/collaborators (programming support services)
  • ​Recruiting:
  • Volunteers (for project planning, organizing and implementation such as noted above])
  • Support services (Counsellors, educators, etc.)
  • Program recipients (homeless and low-income youth, seniors, single mothers, etc.)

Design & Build

Details to come...