Planning   Committee

Change, it's best when people work together

R/Evolution101 is a think tank and planning committee where ideas are nurtured, the status quo is challenged, and unconventional thinking is encouraged.  Its purpose is to bring a community of voices together in order to plan and build innovative social programs.


A sustainable future may seem out of our reach, but it doesn't need to be. By building this community and working together, we can realize a better future for everyone, from homeless and low-income people to home and business owners and the community as a whole. The more people who actively participate, the more we can accomplish in the least amount of time, and the faster we can attain the desired results.​


Phase Out Poverty is a grassroots social non-profit charity of the people, by the people, and for the people.


The programs we develop will help build strong and supportive communities for at-risk and low-income people.  We are an ever-growing multidisciplinary team with diverse talents and interests.  

What we share?

A passion for change, even when situations look unfavorable.

Be apart of our R/Evolution for change.

Every voices makes a difference!

Why Get Involved?

You have a Passion for change!

  • Are you concerned about the state of affairs of our communities, our planet, and our civilization as a whole?

  • Do you feel disillusioned by those in a position of power to decide the future?

  • Have you envisioned ideas for change?

  • Perhaps you want to learn more about how and why we plan to re-imagine our communities.

  • Maybe you want to add your literal voice to help us raise awareness and can become an ambassador for our program.  

You want to create, invent,

and build and have fun!


  • Are you interested in sustainable building and have ideas you would like to contribute?


  • Would you like to participate in the design and build of a shipping container home?


  • Have you ever imagined designing and building an off-grid system?


  • Maybe you're interested in growing your own food and be a part of making a hands-on and automated aquaponics system?


  • Perhaps you're interested in ways to improve your quality of life, that of your families, and the community as a whole?

Can you contribute time and talent to the creation and development of positive solutions?  Offer financial support?


Whatever your reason, we want you to become part of our commitment to change.

Your Voice Matters!